got checked?

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 got checked?


Our Goal


For this slogan to be recognized by the government as an all year round campaign. And for one day during the year, to become a national got checked? day. Women are diagnosed with breast cancer daily, every month through out the year, not just in October. Public awareness, early detection, this campaign saves lives.


This is a direct question that forces an immediate answer.

YES or NO?


Did you make your mammography appointment partnered with a sonogram?


Know your risk:

  • Talk to your family… know both the maternal and paternal health history of your family.
  • Talk to your doctor… Are you dense?


Know what is normal for you:

  • Get familiar with your breast and its texture.
  • Practice monthly self breast examines.


Make Healthy lifestyle choices


Listen to your body, don’t ignore the whisper:

  • If something doesn’t seem right there is a good chance it isn’t!
  • If you feel something say something!
  • Sometimes you feel cancer.. most times you don’t.


View Our Video. The new face for Breast Cancer Awareness
“got checked? Is The Answer”
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